Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our Own Ritual

Due to the nature of our work (advertising), my husband and I cannot always be together for meals. Although we work together – he as photographer, and myself on the business side of things, sometimes we don’t see each other at all, especially when he has to work long hours on a project, or I have tons of paperwork to do.

We try to set aside weekends for being together but sadly, some projects require us to work on Sundays or holidays. Deadlines are always tight, and we can’t really say no and still remain in business.

So we’ve devised a way to keep in touch. We’ve set our cell phone clocks or wristwatches to buzz at 7pm, so we could at least greet each other and make a “ritualistic” connection. Sending a short SMS message to each other allows us, not only to think of each other, but also to actually let each other know that we are doing so. Sometimes we share jokes, but most of the time, it’s just a simple message like – “hi, have you had dinner?”

It’s a silly, romantic way for a 60-year old woman like me to feel loved =), and for a busy photographer like my husband, it’s a welcome, and sometimes comic, breather.