Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Lesson on Geometric Progression

Your papa was soliciting a camera with, hopefully, a big-enough memory card to donate to the local police station at R. Hidalgo, in Quiapo, Manila where he spearheaded a recently-inaugurated project to convert the street into a photography center. As a photographer, he believes that a camera would make a good tool for law enforcement and he was willing to teach the officers a bit of photography.

He first approached Canon, and explained his intention to the manager who readily gave him a digital camera, but with a 16mb memory card. Now, he is very aware that a 16mb card will store very few photos, especially if the camera is set to take high-resolution images. Surely, a policeman would need a higher-capacity memory card. He wanted to ask for a 512mb card but felt embarrassed to ask Canon again. After all, they already donated an expensive digital camera.

He took the 16mb card and approached a photo shop store that benefited from the R. Hidalgo project to ask him to donate a 32mb card. Seeing that your papa was giving up the 16 for the 32, the storeowner gladly gave him one. After all, there is but a small difference in price between a 16 and a 32. But a 32 was not going to be enough. So he went to the next store, and asked if he could upgrade the 32 to a 64. “Gladly, John,” he said and handed him a 64. Then he went to another photo shop and explained that he had solicited a camera from Canon to give to the police station, and would he upgrade the 64 to a 128? “Of course, John. Are you sure that’s enough?” “Sure,” said John, and thanked him for his generosity. He left that store and took a few steps to the next, where he exchanged the 128 to a 256. Finally, he approached another, and giving him the same spiel, showed him the 256 and asked him if he would upgrade it to a 512.

And so, it came to be, that the R. Hidalgo police station received a Canon digital camera with a 512mb memory card.